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A quality local garage delivering exceptional clutch replacements

Your clutch allows you to select the correct gear at the correct time to keep your car moving. This is why it’s so important to keep it in top condition. Here at Blackpole Trade and Save, we offer the highest quality workmanship at the best value for money on every clutch replacement we carry out. With many years’ experience between our mechanics, we can deliver your clutch replacement quickly and without any fuss. So, why not enquire about an appointment with the safest pair of hands in Blackpole?

Our customers are always our priority

You’re always at the heart of your appointment at our garage in Blackpole and we do all we can to keep you in the loop throughout. If there’s ever any additional work we deem necessary to keep you safe, we won’t begin until we’ve explained it to you and received your full approval. We also send video evidence during your clutch replacement appointment to remove any doubt about what the problem was or what we’ve done to repair your car. If you ever have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re more than happy to help!

When to book a clutch replacement

If you can push your clutch all the way to the floor under minimal pressure, your car slips out of gear while driving, you struggle to select a certain gear or you gearbox makes a grinding sound when you change gear, you could be in need of a clutch replacement. It’s worth booking an appointment with the professional mechanics at Blackpole Trade and Save today! Don’t risk losing control of your vehicle by ignoring a clutch problem.

Enquire about your clutch replacement online today

We’re always looking for ways to make your life easier when it comes to car maintenance and our online enquiry form is just one of them. It makes it simple to book an appointment – just enter your registration number and a few details about yourself and your clutch fault. After that, a member of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss your problem and find a convenient time for your appointment. We’ll never ask for payment details until after all the work has been completed, so you’ll never feel ripped off.

How to Book Online

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